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During great times of change, great opportunities present themselves.

Looking forward to 2010 there are big changes ahead. Property is changing, business is changing, media is changing and all at a time when the world is changing as well.

For some, these changes will be scary and represent cause to run and hide. For others, this is the time they have been waiting for - This is the time to seek wise companions and wise advisors in your journey forward.

Make it BIG in 2010 and Make it BIG in the NEW ECONOMY is a two day event designed to give you answers on what to be looking for in the year ahead for you to seize exciting opportunities.

Triumphant Events has gathered the UK's best experts and entrepreneurs to give you clarity and direction in your enterprise. Here's what we have in store ...

Day 1 | Make it BIG in 2010

James Caan
One of the UK's most celebrated entrepreneurs. A self-made multi-millionaire, a major contributor to charity, star of the BBC's Dragons Den and investor in up-and-coming entrepreneurs from around the country.

James has access to the UK's best advisors and is networked at the highest levels; to top it all off he has a track record of decades of success regardless of economic climate. Without a doubt, James Caan will give you precise and accurate ideas to focus on for a BIG 2010. | Book Now >>

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Kevin Green
Just 10 years ago, Kevin Green was a dairy farmer driving tractors. Today he is one of the UK's largest private landlords with over 400 houses in his portfolio ... and he drives an Aston Martin DB9!

Recently the star of the show in Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire, Kevin is a long time supporter of "Make A Wish Foundation". Kevin knows property economics at a grass roots level and will give you the keys to the castle when it comes to Making It BIG in 2010. | Book Now >>

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Roger James Hamilton
International Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton, has worked with leading entrepreneurs in over 20 countries. He is the creator of Wealth Dynamics (the world's widest reaching Entrepreneur Psychometric Profile Test) and has been recognised by Bill Clinton and Dr Mohammed Yunus for his endeavours.

Roger unveils a unique look at how 2010 might just be a critical year for people who want to Make It BIG! | Book Now >>

Jeremy Harbour
Serial Entrepreneur Jeremy Harbour, is known for his "Million Pound Turn-Around" record. He has completed over 20 turnarounds, giving him extensive experience in the thin-line between success and failure in business.

He is 3 times "Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year Runner-Up" and has been featured in the media as a leader in business and a contributor to the Princes Trust. | Book Now >>

Feisal Nahaboo
Feisal heads up the UK's most progressive Accounting Network, ProBiz, which has over 1500 leading accountants and Tax planners. He is one of Briton's top Business Strategist's and his personal clients include the very rich and the very famous.

Feisal has access to the latest thinking in tax and business planning to make sure you aren't held back when you Make It BIG In 2010. | Book Now >>

Steve Bolton
Today, Steve is a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and Property Investor, however he was almost bankrupted after the September 11 attacks had a major effect on his business. Steve learned some valuable lessons and was able to rebuild a massive fortune in under 7 years. He is the co-founder the UK's fastest growing Property Franchise and has developments across Europe worth more than £50M.

Steve has seen first-hand what it takes to bounce back and if you were effected by the recession this year, you will take inspiration and practical advice from Steve Bolton on how to Make It BIG in 2010. | Book Now >>

Dr Joanna Martin
Joanna is one of the world's leading authorities on professional speaking. She has worked with the highest paid professional speakers in the world as well as making millions herself. She can assist you to earn more money from you areas of expertise.

In 2010, you have the ability to communicate your message to people all over the world with greater ease than ever before. Don't let that opportunity pass you by and don't let it backfire on you (with a cringe worthy video that you can't take down). With years of experience and millions worth of results under her belt, Dr Joanna Martin can show you How To Make It BIG In 2010. | Book Now >>

Day 2 | Make it BIG in the NEW Economy

Mike Harris
Mike is one of the few people in the world to grow more than one Multi-Billion Pound Business. He was the founding CEO of Internet Bank Egg, Firstdirect Bank and also grew a massive division of Mercury Communications.

Mike is the author of “Find Your Lightbulb” and speaks on innovation for some of the UK’s largest businesses. His current business Garlik has Tim Berners Lee (The Inventor of the World Wide Web) on the board. With a massive background in Banking, Technology and Innovation, Mike Harris can tell you exactly how to Make It BIG In The New Economy. | Book Now >>

Penny Power
Penny has been involved in the online world of Social Media and e-commerce from the very beginning. Penny founded Ecademy 11 years ago and has since been recognised as one of the UK's top online entrepreneurs with over 450,000 members on her site.

Looking forward, Penny Power has a clear vision of where these trends are going and how you can use them to your advantage. If you want to Make It BIG In The New Economy, Penny Power is a key person to listen to. | Book Now >>

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Jonathan Pfahl
Jonathan heads up the UK's largest entrepreneurial mentoring organisation assisting business owners to grow, stabilise or sell their companies. Many authors and experts quote mentoring as being a key factor in success, however Jonathan has actually created a way for everyone in business to receive 1-2-1 mentoring from someone with more experience than themselves.

As an ex-Goldman Sachs advisor, Jonathan has been highly exposed to the "Winning Formula" for business and mentoring. It is these types of relationships that make all the difference in making it BIG in the New Economy. | Book Now >>

Daniel Priestley
Daniel Priestley is the UK's leader in Social Media for SME's. Arriving in the UK with little more than a suitcase and a credit card in 2006, he has built several multi-million pound businesses without traditional media marketing.

His presentations have been broadcast around the world to entrepreneurs who want results from New Media. He will share exactly how to Make It BIG In The NEW ECONOMY. | Book Now >>

Paul Avins
Whose impressive track record includes starting, growing and selling a number of businesses, as well as generating millions of pounds in sales and profits for the businesses he coaches.

His unique mix of Business Strategy, Personal Growth, Practical takeaway ideas and infectious energy has inspired audiences the world over and made him a sort after business growth consultant and key-note speaker.

His book Business SOS, is packed full of quick fire, fast acting strategies to take businesses from surviving to thriving and is receiving rave reviews and helping business owners make money right now! | Book Now >>

Topher Morrison
Topher is one of the world's most sought after professional speakers in the field of Human Behaviour. Recently he has worked with massive global organisations to help their leaders chose a path forward for 2010 and beyond.

To have Topher speak at your company would cost over £10,000, so why not bring your whole management team to this event and get everyone on track for Making It BIG In The New Economy. | Book Now >>

Mindy Gibbins-Klein
With so many ways to broadcast yourself (YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts), now is the greatest time ever to showcase your expertise. Mindy has helped over 300 people to become published authors and she will show you how easy it is to write and publish a book.

As a published author, your rates go up, your opportunities multiply and you can become an expert in the field. The years ahead are set to be very kind to people who are "experts" (as a global market has now opened up), so take this rare opportunity to see Mindy Gibbins-Klein show you how to use your talents in the New Economy. | Book Now >>

Adam Stafford
Adam is the Founder and Director of Fresh Egg, experts in getting found on the internet. Adam has the knack for making companies and individuals visible online using the latest techniques in search engine optimisation and Internet Marketing.

With such massive results, James Caan decided to invest into Fresh Egg. Armed with the latest internet marketing ideas, Adam Stafford can show you how to Make It BIG In The New Economy. | Book Now >>

Darren Eden
Darren is the "Intuitive Entrepreneur". He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to tune into their intuition and throw away the text books. His clients swear by his methods and say that Darren gets you back to doing what you love.

In times of change, throw away the textbooks and do what you know is best and you will Make It BIG In The New Economy. | Book Now >>

These speakers are privy to cutting edge information every single day. Over the two days, their task is to condense it all down and answer this question ...

How can you make it BIG in 2010? ... and in The New Economy?

With an exceptional line up of world-class speakers, this event brings out an audience who have a commitment to stepping boldly into the future and creating all that's possible. This is an event where you are likely to meet your next business partner, financier, mentor, investment or life long friend.

This Should Be The Easiest Decision Of 2009 ... Book Now and Make It BIG In 2010>>

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