Andrew Priestley | How money flows through your business

How Money Flows now is now in its 3rd Year!

Balance sheet? Profit and loss? Cashflow statement? You will totally understand how your financial statements work in 2 hours.

Christmas 2010, one of the UK's largest banks held a webinar and this was the standout quote from their chief economist:

A staggering 90% of business people lack basic financial intelligence. Most will pay an accountant to explain what's happening in their business but have no idea what their accountant is telling them.

How Money Flows Through Your Business totally demystifies the balance sheet, the P&L and the cashflow statement. This popular workshop helps you understand financial statements even if you have no financial background at all.

If we made all these sales where's all the money?

I bet you've bought an hour of your accountant's time and had them explain it very carefully and not understand a single word they said!

Maybe this sounds familiar:

Blah blah blah blah balance sheet. Blah blah blah blah profit and loss. Blah blah cashflow. Here's the bill.

Most business owners give up trying to understand and palm it off to a book keeper or their accountant and HOPE it all works out OK.

This would be hilarious if the implications for you and your business weren't so serious. NOT knowing how money moves through your business can have a dramatic impact on your business.

Most of the current business woes right now can be linked to poor financial management. People simply don't know what they are doing.

In this 2 hour workshop, you'll discover:

  • How your money moves through the three 'money zones'
  • Why it's possible to work very hard and have no money at the end of the month ... and more importantly, how to fix it!
  • Where your money goes, where it gets locked up and where it disappears.
  • How to read the financial pages of any newspaper. What a scary thought :)
  • You and your accountant will be on the same page.

It is like Money 101 for business people who dont understand accounting.

... numerous past participants with extensive experience in accounting, banking and finance also rave about this workshop.

Its like getting a plain English accounting degree in two hours!

Importantly, you will be shocked at how quickly you 'get it'.

But most of all you will gain a crystal clear idea about how money works and how to take back control of your own finances.

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About the speaker
Andrew Priestley is the director of The Coaching Experience, a global business coaching company. He has worked with SMEs right through to large corporations.

He regularly does this talk for banks, accounting and finance firms because it captures the basics of money-flow so well.

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What others are saying about this event ...

I just want to say Thank You for that very illuminating workshop yesterday. I had probably learnt more from you than what my business school used to teach in their Management Accounting module ! Which says a lot considering the tuition fees they charged me...
- Joyce
I learnt more about finances and how business works in 2 hours than I did in the recent 3 day (IOD) course ... very clear ... very structured.
- Nicola
Very clear. I can see exactly what I have to focus on.
- Mark
I've done HMF before, but I got fresh new insights this time about structuring revenues and sales systems.
- Ravinol
Very clear. I'm in finance and I know all this stuff, but now I really get the relationship between Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow... this is VERY clear.
- Sandy