Dr Demartini's Prophecy Experience

After The Breakthrough Experience® ... comes PROPHECY!

Dr Demartini has this to say about "Prophecy" ...
Since I was a teenager I dreamed of attending an advanced educational program that would expand my vision, inspire my mind, and motivate my body to achieve the greatness and leadership I inwardly felt and dreamed I deserved.

I imagined exploring the Universal Laws as they relate to all areas of life. I searched through magazines, books and libraries for such a course or curriculum. But none of the courses I found quite matched
my dream.

I later came to realize that my dream was not a course to be found or taken, but a course and curriculum to be created and developed.

This was partly the inspiration that ultimately birthed "The Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy and Healing".

During the 1980's ...

I organized a series of inspiring courses entitled the Human Quest Series.
They were originally offered as seven individual one day programs:

  • The Human Quest for Spiritual Truth and Immortality
  • The Human Quest for Mental Understanding and Wisdom
  • The Human Quest for Vocational Success and Achievement
  • The Human Quest for Financial Wealth and Prosperity
  • The Human Quest for Familial Love and Intimacy
  • The Human Quest for Social Power and Leadership
  • The Human Quest for Physical Health and Wellness

Now ...

All of these inspiring courses have been combined into one incredible week entitled "The Prophecy Experience".

Prophecy is the deepest and most profound personal exploration and development program available today. It is an experience that will change or clarify your destiny. It takes you beyond just your personal success, it unfolds the vision and destiny of your innermost global being.

Redefine old assumptions ...

Prophecy destroys many of the myths commonly held about our existence in the universe and awakens such simple truths that your heart and soul just tears with gratitude. The reason for the title Prophecy becomes clearly evident as you pass through each day of its journey. So, be prepared for the new and more inspired you, the you that is vastly expanded beyond any present boundaries...

I look forward to you joining me in Prophecy.
Dr. John F. Demartini

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Note: the Breakthrough Experience is a pre-requisite before attending this event.

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I have just recently completed Prophecy with Dr. Demartini (for the third time!) and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness and empowering all seven areas of their life. Spending seven days with like-minded individuals while expanding your vision of yourself and for yourself is well worth the time invested!
Jennifer Welsh - Master Teacher of The Breakthrough Experience and The Demartini Method

Take a snapshot of your life before you begin your Prophecy week! List everything you think is important to you, who you are, what you know - your values, beliefs, dreams etc. Take a good long look at this list because when you get home from your Prophecy week, the person in that snapshot will be unrecognizable! The Prophecy experience is like being handed a new pair of different colored glasses. You see the world in a new light!

The form of the Prophecy experience will be expressed in different ways depending on your values and voids. For me, after Prophecy, the parameters of my life shifted - my entire life turned upside down – it was very messy! This is a Void that drives my Values and had become an effective Strategy for Transformation in my life. For you, the shift and experience will be in alignment with YOUR values and voids. Doing Prophecy helps you to appreciate your life by looking through new glasses.
Nichola Burton

Prophecy is about breaking the fears in the 7 areas of life, and the beginning step into Dr Demartini's deeper courses (some of which I have also done). By breaking these fears you have greater clarity in life, hence the concept of ‘prophecy’ - to be able to see what will happen in life due to your understanding of the universal laws. Some people even considered me a little 'psychic' afterwards, but I wasn't, I was just more aware of the patterns appearing.

I did this course heavily pregnant, and as such had a very specific slant to my take on it, which was how to remain empowered in all areas of life, despite the huge shift in my way of life, which it certainly helped with. Some days are funny, some days are harder than others, depending on what your button pushers are. Some delve into the mysteries of life, and others into the practicalities of living to your full potential. It is a course that you can go back to, and reuse aspects of for some years. Plus as it is experiential, I have been able to reuse the exercises as I moved to different levels of understanding and different situations.
-Lisa Pearson - the First certified UK Demartini Teacher