Dr Demartini's Speed Reading & Learning Dynamics | London

Award yourself with the simplest, yet most phenomenal techniques for expanding your reading and learning capabilities.

In ancient times and cultures there existed individuals whose span of experience and study encompassed broad scopes of knowledge. They were once called "Philosophers".

In our modern era where specialists who simply know more and more about less and less reign. There rarely occurs an individual who could truly be called a modern day philosopher.

Dr John F Demartini is one of these rare and gifted individuals ...
He has researched the great classical writings of the world and has synthesized and simplified the messages of the great ancient and modern masters. As a teacher and speaker, he travels extensively, unveiling the ancient mysteries hidden in the very meaning of our existence. He has been quoted as saying that "A genius is one who listens to the messages of their soul and obeys".

So many books... so little time...

In just a few hours you will learn how to read all of these books in the same time it would normally take to read one or two!

But this is not just about learning to read quickly and just skimming. It is about learning dynamics so that you can learn to read quickly AND remember what you have read. John has been teaching true speed-reading for the last 15 years in the USA, Europe and Australia and has proven results of people who have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their reading capacity.

Have you ever thought about how many books you will be able to read in your lifetime? How many books do you read in a week - 1? That's 2,500 books in a lifetime and yet more than 2,500 books are published every day across the world.

The answer - either learn to read faster or choose wisely.

It is this thirst for knowledge that has put Dr John Demartini at the top of his profession and it is what can put you at the top of yours. By reading just 30 minutes a day on your chosen subject you will become one of the most knowledgeable people in your industry in just 12 months. Imagine what that could do for your self confidence, your salary, your future.

Don't waste any more time plowing through books at a rate of a few pages a day. Learn to "consume" books. Imagine being able to read all that stuff in your in-tray in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours. Imagine how much extra time you would free up to do the things that are important to you - your relationships, your health, your family ...

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Now you can expand your reading and learning capacities
- Dr John Demartini

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Thanks to Triumphant Events and John. I have attended 2 Breakthroughs and now the Speed Reading and love the way the event is set up and the teacher you have brought to me has inspired me. Thankyou.
Lindsey Taylor

I am doing a PhD. This has been a phenomenal help in learning how to pack the reading I need to do in the time I have available. Can't wait to share my knowledge.
Merilyn Parker Armitage

What's amazing about John is that he teaches stuff I haven't heard anywhere else and yet explains how the world really works.
John Williams

John Demartini I find absolutely amazing. His knowledge is superb. Thoroughly recommend anyone to see him at least once.
Vinny Parmar

An inspiring and practical course that enables anyone to gain the interest and confidence to read thousands of books quickly in order to accelerate your performance in any area of life.
Nadeem Ahmad

Release your mind and your inhibitions and the limits that you put on your life will disappear. Dr John Demartini taught and showed me this. Thankyou.
Nicholas Chales

Dr Demartini is in a class of his own in the field of transformational wisdom.
Andy Greenhill

Johns lectures, Breakthrough Experience and now this Speed Reading, are some of the greatest tools/ gifts I have given myself in recent months. I commend and recommend his courses - his passion and knowledge are inspirational.
Tracey Rissik

Was great but I'd love to see examples of his stuff and I now really want to assess it so I will buy his encyclopedia. By the way I am 15 years old.
Rob Rabe

Dr John continues to inspire me, expand my awareness and recline my purpose. Much love and heartfelt thanks.
Mark Underwood

The acquisition of knowledge has always been important to me. However, due to certain events in my life recently I have begun to feel very old. At the age of 57 I have begun to feel I should retire and grow old gracefully, after the last few hours I feel renewed and know I am not too old to still achieve my ambitions. I think Speed Reading should be part of the National Curriculum.
Christine Jones

Fabulous day, inspiring and challenging but what a way to go into the world and get the most out of life, and life and work of great masters and mentors. Your spirit soars to the highest levels of being.
Mariola Innes

An inspirational man, genius and energy! No one in the world delivers with the certainty and passion of John Demartini.
Grace Kelly