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We have a problem.

More than 83% of new business start-ups in the UK crash and burn within their first 12 months. And over 80% of ALL businesses crash within the 3-5 years. But even worse, hundreds of great ideas are left sitting on the launch-pad without a bold pilot to make them soar.

Totally Avoidable
In actuality, there are some simple yet misunderstood principles relating to how you position, promote and sell your product or service that can make all the difference. Combine these golden rules with an inspired team and you have all the ingredients necessary for real success in business.

As entrepreneurs we like to think that we weigh our options carefully, look at all the opportunities and make the best choice based on a rational examination of the facts.

Selling 101
In truth, most human decision making (including that of your clients) happens below the surface and is based on feelings and criteria you might not even be aware of.

There are 5 primary stages each of us must go through before we can make a decision to buy. My experience shows that if your sales and marketing does not help guide people 'step by step' through those stages, you are simply wasting your time, and money.

Fast Tracking
This event takes a big step forward from the traditional and tiresome approach to sales and marketing and communicates from a new paradigm that is helping small business owners boost their conversions and fast-track their results, often within days of application.

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10 Compelling business reasons to attend

At this event you will discover:

10. The 5 steps your clients must go through before they will allow themselves to buy from you.
9.How to uncover your target markets unconscious buying motives
8. Exactly how to adjust your sales and marketing strategies to address your clients real reasons for buying your product or service.
7. The eight step checklist that can 'make or break' your marketing budget
6. How to identify and attract the right partners, suppliers and team.
5. The underlying team dynamics and principles of delegation you need to understand before you begin to 'step out' of your business.
4. Why most people fail to automate their business and end up getting trapped in the 'day to day'.
3. The 8 ingredients that get more customers, more revenue and more profit regardless of what business your in.
2. The key thing that ALL start-ups should do before they attempt to launch that can minimise the costs of failing and increase your chance of success.
1. How to run a low cost promotion that builds momentum in your business and puts cash in the bank.
IGNITION! The beauty of business is that the right ideas ARE your currency. Just one idea or one connection made at this event can be the difference between success or failure in your enterprise.

Glen's philosophy and approach to business speaks to a new generation of entrepreneur. His ideas are considered transformative in the sense that they not only deliver greater results in less time, but they allow you to create a business that is a true reflection of who you are.

Who should attend
While SME is focused on start-up entrepreneurs with a team of 0-5, in truth anyone in business – new or established - will glean immense value from Glen's SME presentation. Highly recommended!

Seating is limited - book here today >>

Glen Carlson | Profile

As Co-Founder and CEO of Triumphant Events, the UK's fastest growing event marketing company, Glen Carlson is known for promoting best selling speakers and authors at large scale events throughout the UK. When not in England he can be found diving the oceans of the world and speaking to audiences on the art, and science of starting and growing a successful enterprise'.

"There are three things I want my business to give me. Money for the things I want, Time to enjoy those things, and an underlying sense of Personal Satisfaction. If at any time my businesses are not producing all three, something needs to shift. It's my job to create that shift, and over the last 7 years I have developed a system for doing it."

Glen clearly communicates the otherwise complex ideas and strategies that have allowed him to step out of the 'day to day' operation of his businesses. He has a simple and refreshing grass roots style of communication that gets to the point of what is essential to make more money in less time and love doing it.

Million Dollar + Results
Over the last seven years, Glen's leadership in several start-up ventures led them to hit million dollar revenues inside 12 months. Through a focus on sales process, marketing strategy and entrepreneurial team development he has ensured companies he works with grow so fast and so quickly that the type of problems 'suffered' were the kind we all want.

Glen has worked with businesses in a wide range of industries however the results are the same. Increased sales, results driven marketing, teams who care about the bottom line and owners who have more time to do what they love.

Highly sought after
He is in constant demand around the world and speaks to audiences throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. His topic: Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Teams.

With a personal philosophy of Dream it | Build it | Love it, his presentations are as inspiring as they are practical. He is a must see for any entrepreneur who is striving for their most successful year yet.

I am not asking you to believe in my ability to transform your business. I am asking you to believe in yours.
Glen Carlson

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Here's what people are saying about Glen Carlson...

Glen is the rare combination of both an established entrepreneur and a dynamic speaker. He has a brilliant ability to articulate his experience in global business down to practical action steps - Steps that you can immediately profit from. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, take it.

Roger Hamilton, Chairman, XL Results Foundation
Glen Carlson has collected an impressive amount of wisdom concerning the nature of business and the essence of entrepreneurship. Having witnessed Glen and his team’s ability to deliver world class results, I would encourage you to listen to and learn from him as you would any great teacher. Glen is a man worth putting in your life, and your heart.

Love and Wisdom,
Dr. John F. Demartini - Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience
There are less than 5 people in this world that I regularly consult for advice on my business. Glen is one of them. If you are absolutely serious and committed to taking your business success to new levels, then you need to listen to this man.
Dr. Topher Morrison - Best Selling Author of "Settle for Excellence"
Glen Carlson is someone I LOVE to get time with. Insights just flow from him – insights that make a difference to the way you and I do business. And with each insight comes the discipline of the systems to make the insights work for you. Thoroughly professional yet ‘out there’ with ideas that work, Glen is one of those oh so rare people that authentically deliver ... and then deliver even more.
Paul Dunn - Globally Acclaimed Serial Entrepreneur
If I were to offer a (rare) recommendation on how to grow your business it would be to invest time with Glen and his team at Triumphant Events. Not only does he KNOW his stuff but, more importantly, he LIVE's his stuff and, critically, knows how to TEACH it in a way that adds massive value. At the end of the day who you spend you time with is who you become. Go spend it with Glen and his team.
Peter Sage - Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur
Glen is one of the finest operators I have seen in my life for event management. A delightful, open, kind and genuine person. Get to know this man he's a wonderful ally.
Thomas Power-Ecademy
Captivating, Inspiring – I took action.  Glen's talk had all the ingredients that enabled me to take action & create greater clarity to my vision & business.
Paul Kirk - Inspirational Speaker of the Year 2005, NZANZ Auckland.
Glen is a powerful and yet understated presenter, with the ability to touch the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with. He has a special way of enchanting his audience and releasing within them their true potential. Glen is changing the lives of people around the world. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear him speak.
Gaelene Adams Wood, Coach of New Zealand’s Representative to the World Championship of Public Speaking, Washington DC, 2006
Glen Carlson is a dynamic, approachable, down to earth entrepreneur. He utilises his many worldly experiences in his seminars which are extremely easy to listen to and very informative. Glen has wisdom beyond his years and his mission is truly awesome.  I will be encouraging as many people as I can to come and hear him speak when he is next in town.
Helen Macky, Property Investor & Entrepreneur