Become a Key Person of Influence | Evening Event | Birmingham

Are you ready for your “overnight success”?

... if you have been in your industry for over 5 years it’s definitely time to reposition yourself as a “Key Person of Influence”.

This event is about taking your existing skill-set and turning it into your most powerful asset.

The speaker at this 1 day event, Daniel Priestley will give you strategies designed to arm you for becoming more highly valued and highly paid in your industry. Book your last minute ticket today >>

In every industry there are a few Key People of Influence who's names always come up in conversation. It's those people who see the real opportunities, earn the big money and get high recognition. This event is dedicated to YOU securing your place as a Key Person of Influence in your field.

By the end of this event, you will be crystal clear on what you MUST do in the next 6 months in order to own your niche, capture your value and move yourself and your business forward.

In every industry there is three distinct layers to progress through ...

1. Newbies
People who are brand new to the industry and very excited. They will work for free to try and break in.

2. Workers
People who are working in an industry for fairly normal money doing fairly normal hours. Rarely are they invited to be involved in the real opportunities in their field. They often head off to become a "Newbie" in something else rather than breaking through to the final level...

3. Key People of Influence
People who make things happen in their industry. Highly connected, well known and substantially rewarded. Their work seems more like play and the position they enjoy in their industry allows them to earn more in some months, than workers can hope to earn in a year. They have made a name for themselves and they get shown great opportunities every day.

The key to true success ...

... Stop diverting your focus onto new things; find the industry you love and become a Key Person of Influence (KPI). Once you are a KPI, you earn more, enjoy more recognition, have more fun and get a chance to make a real difference.

Most people don’t understand this.

Instead, they go hopping from industry to industry, looking for the “easy money”, or the “fun and rewarding” place to work.

Guess what?

They never find it. Why? Because as a Newbie in any industry, you are destined to become a Worker-bee.

The lucrative deals, the passive income and the exciting opportunities don’t go to Workers or Newbies. They are strictly for KPI's.

There is a formula for becoming a Key Person of Influence
On September 13th, Triumphant Events has assembled an all-star cast of high performing business leaders to share with you the exact sequence to follow if you want to become more highly paid and highly valued in your business / profession. They will also share some not to be missed tips that you can apply the very next day.

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To become a Key Person of Influence you must hit the following bases ...

1. You need to know your niche and your micro-niche
It’s not enough to have a niche. You need a niche within a niche. When you have that, you tend to answer the question “what do you do?” with a lot more authority and power.

A niche is “Bodybuilding”, a micro-niche is “Vegetarian Bodybuilding” or “12 Week Transformations” or “Christian Bodybuilding in the M25”. When you know exactly the specific game that you're playing you don't just make more money, you also have more fun and see more rewards.

2. You need a book
This isn't hard. It will take you 6 months (tops) from the day you sit and jot down your concept to the day you open up a brown box full of books with your face on them.

These days you can publish very short runs of books (you could start by ordering 20 copies of your book) and it's easy to get it up on Amazon. A few shining reviews (from people who know and love you) and all of a sudden your a published author with global distribution.

3. You need a product
This is not difficult either. A day with a voice recorder (and no kids in the background), a few quid spent with an audio guy to "top and tail" it and then it's ready for manufacture.

You'll spend about £2 per copy for a boxed CD or DVD and once again you can order it in small quantities. Now you can provide value to people all over the world. A good CD or DVD kit can sell for £29 - £129 depending on the content.

4. You need to Google well
Provided your name isn't Brad Pitt this isn't as challenging as you might first think (and even if you do have a common name, it's not nearly impossible).

If you take 2 days of focused effort, you can set up a great Facebook club, Ecademy Group and Ning Forum. You can have a social-network profile on a dozen sites, a twitter account with 400+ followers and a dozen blogs. With all that in place you are going to sky-rocket up the Google listings.

Staying there will require you to be diligent, but if you are organised, that can take less than 30 mins a day (and it could be done from your iPhone in the back of a cab).

Now you have these four things in place, sit back and watch what happens to your life.
People will ask you to speak at events, you will be referred to as an expert, you will get more focused opportunities come your way and you are ready to do the final, and most important step ...

... 5. You Need to do XXXXX and XX XXXXXXXXXXXX
This final step will be revealed at this presentation! It's where all the money comes in and where you really get your wings as a Key Person of Influence. It's the final step because you can't really get it happening until the first four things are done first.

Plus ...
Guest Speakers

In addition to the Key Speakers mentioned above, we have several guests who will demonstrate the power of becoming a Key Person of Influence at the highest levels.

You will definitely want to see these guests speak too!! They show you how they built their success and what the payoff has been.

Bonus 1 (valued at £15.99)
Become The Key Person of Influence Book

Over 160 pages of step by step ideas on positioning yourself as a highly valued and highly paid person in your field.

Bonus 2 (valued at £19.97)
Become The Key Person of Influence DVD

A video of our live event in London with 500 people and all our KPI Speakers (Mike Harris, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Darren Shirlaw, Penny Power, Steve Bolton & More)

Bonus 3 (valued at £9.95)
Audio Downloads

Entrepreneur Revolution.

Daniel Priestley | Profile

Daniel founded his first company in 2002 in Australia at the age of 21. Within 13 months the company was turning over approximately AU$1M. He has since launched over 9 businesses and products into new markets with most ventures achieving 6 figure sales in the first 3 months.

In 2006 Daniel moved from Australia to launch an office in London. Arriving with only a suitcase and a credit card, Daniel quickly set about building his connections in London. In the first 12 months of operation in the UK, Triumphant Events achieved more than £1M in sales.

A marketing expert who specialises in Social Media, Promotions and Human Behaviour, Daniel is in constant demand around the world and speaks to audiences throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.

He speaks from his personal experience of spending the equivalent of £100k a month of his own money on marketing and advertising, building sales teams and recruiting and retaining high performing teams.

Daniel has been able to build successful companies that continue to run even when he has been overseas for 6 months at a time!

Daniel is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a business advisor to Global Angels (, and he is also a big time supporter of Peace One Day (

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What others are saying about this event ...

Itís on! Iíve gone from being a business leader to being a thought leader in the area of mentoring our young people. As a result of the KPI strategy Iím now being mentored by Mike Harris Ė a man who has lead three multi-billion pound organisations. Doors are opening and the opportunities are flooding in.
- Herman Stewart, Birmingham
I think the most important change Iíve seen is the transformation Iíve seen in myself. Iíve clarified my vision in a way that other people Ďget ití now. Iím better at articulating my vision in a way that has opened doors to people and markets that I wouldnít have thought possible until now.
- Akil Gordon-Beckford, Birmingham
I saw a 40% rise in revenue (Q1 & Q2 of 2011) that I can directly attribute to partnerships that I developed as a result of being in the KPI programme.
- Marcellus Lindsay, Birmingham
The KPI programme helped me to do something I would never have done.... wirte a book.
- Martin Oguzie, Birmingham
I attended the Birmingham briefing and signed up that evening! I saw the potential in the strategy outlined to me there are some incredible speakers and participants that have helped me create new products that Iím really proud of. And best yet, Iím seeing improvements in after just a few months, with an increase in sales of 100%.
- Omisona Fasina, Birmingham