Mike Harris' Business Growth Workshop

Business Growth Workshop with the:
> founding CEO of telephone bank ‘Firstdirect’ and
internet bank ‘Egg’,
> individual credited with transforming the financial services landscape worldwide,
> chairman of innovation at RBS.

A Rare 'once-off' opportunity presents itself to you ...
Mike Harris has been approached to be part of a television program for entrepreneurs where he will be expected to transfer his powerful results generating knowledge into entrepreneurs who are 'on the up and up'.

Mike has decided to conduct a 1day pilot event to work with a group of no more than 100 participants.

Mike Harris will work with the small group of entrepreneurs to identify clear next steps that are required in order to go shooting the growth curve. Mike's expertise is beyond reproach and this is a rare opportunity to be personally guided by one of the UK’s successful and accomplished entrepreneurs.

Seating is strictly limited ...
This is a rare opportunity limited to no more than 100 business people!
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Why invest a day with Mike Harris ...
Mike Harris is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovators. The co-founder of iconic financial services consumer brand "Firstdirect" and "Egg", Mike also played a major role in transforming telecommunications.

In between creating two £B+ businesses from start-up, Mike Harris was also the CEO responsible for creating a Multi-Billion Pound consumer business for Mercury Communications (that was later bought by T-Mobile).

Mike's consistent ability to impact mass markets has made him an industry legend, revered entrepreneur, and one of the most influential business people in the UK.

He is currently chairman and co-founder of digital identity experts Garlik – It has the inventor of the World Wide Web – Tim Berners-Lee – on its advisory board.

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What others say | Mike Harris

Mike is one of the great serial entrepreneurs, having built three businesses with market valuations in excess of £1 billion. Mike has led many highly successful seminars at MIT that provoke students to think about the process for delivering breakthrough innovations. His descriptions of where innovations come from are brilliant.
- Henry Birdseye Weil, Senior lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Mike Harris transformed banking all over the world, not once but twice with his creations of Firstdirect and Egg and in doing so changed my life.
- Tony Wyatt – Director Group Manufacturing, Bank of Ireland.

All you need to know about customer engagement, leadership, innovation, and culture whether you are starting a new business or transforming an existing organization.
- Peter Darbee, Chairman and CEO of California energy Giant, Pacific Gas and Electric

At Egg, Mike Harris and his small team of bright-eyed entrepreneurs set out to transform banking in the UK. That they did in spades, setting the standard for electronic banking worldwide.
- Gordon Starr, founder of Starrco - San Francisco based experts in transformation of organisational culture.