Momentum (Mar '08) | Daniel Priestley - Powerful Promotions

If you want business growth, you need Powerful Promotions. The right promotion can literally double or triple your turnover. However many business owners don't know how to use promotions to enhance their business; or they simply focus on things that don't generate massive attraction and big-time results.

They focus on business cards rather than bookings, they look at CRM tools rather than outbound campaigns, they look for monthly reports rather than special monthly offers. There is a time and place for everything but the reality is the marketplace simply wonít sustain businesses that donít understand how to harness the power of the promotion.

Apple send out an email promotion for every occasion. Gillette are always adding another blade to the razor so they can run a special promotion (they are up to 6). BMW are constantly running special deals and events for their clients. The job of promoting never ends... and nor should it!

An investment for your business ...

A successful promotion can be one of best investments for your business. Where else can you get such exponential returns? We're not just talking about increased sales. A truly successful promotion has the potential to increase brand awareness, establish marketing partners and sponsors, and all but while attracting new business opportunities.

When was the last time you ran a ...

  • Closed door sales,
  • Special event,
  • Monthly offer,
  • Fax-back bonus,
  • Free sample,
  • Coupon ad, or
  • Any number of hundreds of types of promotions that can get measurable, powerful and ongoing results?

If you are reading this and starting to realise the potential of a powerful promotion, then you simply must be at this month's Momentum event.

Proven track record ...

Daniel Priestley (founder of Triumphant Events) is the master of Powerful Promotions. From the age of 18, he has consistently generated strong returns on his promotions. He has had massive results in a diverse range of industries and products ranging from dance parties to franchises, financial planning to events, and many other businesses that he has personally been involved in.

Daniel has been paid up to AUS$90,000 to create promotions for other companies; his fee was "results based" the bulk of the work took him 4 hours! How did he do it? Come along and find out why Daniel's promotional strategies are so successful.

Now we invite you and your guests to hear Daniel Priestley speak live on one of his favorite topics... Building Powerful Promotions.

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About | Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is renowned for his creative approach to starting new companies and entering new markets. There are few that can compete with his dynamic entrepreneurial style.

Daniel founded his first company in 2002 in Australia at the age of 21. Within 13 months the company was turning over approximately AU$1M. He has since launched over 9 businesses and products into new markets with most ventures achieving 6 figure sales in the first 3 months.

In 2006 Daniel moved from Australia to launch an office in London. Arriving with but a suitcase and a credit card, Daniel quickly set about building his connections in London. In the first 12 months of operation in the UK the company achieved more than US$1M turnover.

With interests in Software, Marketing and Events his businesses now operate in the UK, Australia and Singapore however he no longer runs or manages them on a day-to-day basis.

Daniel is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a business advisor to Global Angels ( He is also a long time supporter of StepUP Foundation ( and recently spoke at the 30th annual summit for "The Hunger Project" ( He was a recent finalist in the XL Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was featured in the book "Extraordinary Lives".

His passion and curiosity surrounding Entrepreneurship have placed him in constant demand around the world as a guest speaker. Throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, The Middle East and the United States his presentations on Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles, have left audiences with clarity, direction and new understandings about maximizing the value of their role in an enterprise.

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