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"Unlocking the Power of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing"

Social Media: The Immutable Power of "Nobodies"
Imagine someone came along and invested over a billion pounds into your business. They figured that you had a message so valuable that they went and set up a global distribution for your videos, audio podcasts and blogs. They figured people needed to know more about who you are, what you stand for, your likes, your dislikes, your life and your connections. They built you platforms for notifying the world of all of these things... and you can use it all free of charge.

Well that is the reality of online social media. You can broadcast yourself and your business to the world all for the cost of your internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Marketing Tool
Imagine for a moment that a marketing company came to you with a deal. The deal would be that they would market your products and services for you in ways you can't imagine. They would go out and find your market and encourage them to do business with you. They would do all of this and only get paid once you had made a sale. This would effectively give you a limitless marketing budget that you simply don't have to think about.

Well this is the reality of today's affiliate marketing systems. A clear way to track every sale and only pay for a percentage of each sale made... after you have collected the money.

"Now let's combine the two! In a perfect storm of media, marketing, distribution and technology you have a limitless budget, a global audience, an army of niche marketers and a recipe for success."

This is the reality of Online Social Media and Affiliate Marketing, it is a massive resource at your fingertips.

This half day event will look at:

  • The role of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing in the overall marketing plan
  • The various websites that a business can use to generate results
  • The 'Do's and Don'ts' when it comes to utilising these powerful tools
  • A look at blogging, social networks, widgets, applications, video sharing, podcasting and photo sharing
  • Case Studies and examples that will spark new actions and new results for your business

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About the Presenter | Daniel Priestley

In July 2006, Daniel Priestley recognised these two phenomenon and set about basing a business around them. That business is Triumphant Events (yes, this one you are currently experiencing).

Armed with little more than a suitcase and a credit card, Daniel arrived in London and began using online tools to build a network of clients, suppliers, partners and team.

In little over two years the business achieved more than 40,000 bookings from over 850 affiliated marketing partners. Daniel is considered to be a leader in the application of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing in a small business.

As Triumphant Events UK keeps expanding and growing, Daniel is in constant demand around the world. He speaks to audiences throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States and his topics include: Marketing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Daniel is also passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a business advisor to Global Angels (www.globalangels.org). He is also a long time supporter of StepUP Foundation (www.stepupfoundation.com) and is attending the 30th annual summit for "The Hunger Project".

Seating is limited
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If you think YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and all the other Social Media are just a passing fad for teenagers and musicians - think again. Far from being an irrelevence to business, they include key elements that are the essence of how we will do business now and in future. Imagine being able to identify and have a conversation with a high percentage of your potential clients without spending millions of scatter-gun advertising, and having an honest and sustained relationship with them? My eyes were truly opened at the Workshop and I'm excited about the possibilities for our Company. I left bubbling with ideas and a long action list.
Stewart Boyle, Sales Manager, UK Renewable Energy Company
I have the unique opportunity of meeting entrepreneurs all over the world and I can highly recommend Daniel Priestley as an excellent speaker on entrepreneurship. His achievements in business give him a grounded understanding of what is really required to create a successful enterprise.
Mike Southon, International Best-Selling Author of The Beermat Entrepreneur
Daniel Priestley is an extraordinary entrepreneur who lives fully and gives fully. His insights into setting up and building a world class team are not to be missed. If you get a chance to hear him, take it.
Roger Hamilton, Best- Selling Author and Leading Entrepreneur with over 15 Companies in 17 Countries
If you have the good fortune to hear Daniel speak, then grab it with both hands! He is a successful entrepreneur and a powerful speaker. An accomplished business operator with valuable insights to help you grow. Daniel Priestley is an uplifting and upgrading experience you will enjoy. Put him in your calendar and in your life today.
Ron Kaufman International Best Selling Author of "UP Your Service!"
Daniel is a smart entrepreneur who knows how to connect people.
Robert (WoW) De Souza
It is clear from the success of his business that Daniel is one of the great entrepreneurs of our time; not only that he has clear vision beyond his business interests.
Matt Castle (On-line video)
I am humbled and honoured to have made Daniel Priestley's aquaintence.

His honesty and integrity is demonstrated by his actions and if you want to accelerate your progress and achieve your goals at warp speed have Daniel in your network.
Getrude Matshe International Speaker and Author
Great guy, with a great vision and focus! He is very down to earth and a real inspiration.
Bimpe Temowo
Daniel is the creative force behind one of the best businesses I know for learning from what it's doing - and improving what it's doing on that basis. It's both a pleasure and an adventure to be connected with him and his business.
Stuart Beattie -Black Opal Consulting
Daniel is a true social entrepreneur - sees the opportunities and makes them work for all around him. He has many great qualities - insight, focus, a great sense of humour to name just a few.
Lindsay Hart
Daniel is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs and wealth-creators that I have ever met. Here's a man who walks his talk and delivers with style and certain va...va...voom!
Harun (The Persuader) Rabbani
Quite simply, Daniel is amazing. Within just a short time talking to him, he helped me immensely with the direction of my business. He is genuine, insightful and passionate about helping others and is a living example of what one can do when they follow their dreams.
Andy Greenhill