Topher Morrison | Winning the Game of Wealth

Just imagine you are thrust into an intense, complex and high-stakes game, with no explanation of the playing field, the rules, or the equipment, your team and maneuvers of the game.

For most of us, this describes the frustration and confusion we’ve felt in life at some point around building wealth. The reality of wealth is – this is YOUR game and the stakes are your fulfillment, your ability to pursue the opportunities you want and the ability to give generously.

So how can you assure YOUR win?
At this life-changing event you will discover the 5 mental mind-sets self made millionaires all posess and utilize to generate massive wealth giving you the ability to:

  • Manifest your dreams into reality... really!
  • Project a strong, confident, and wealthy persona that attracts financial opportunities in your life
  • Release the shackles of fear and judgement around making money so you can start receiving the rewards you truly deserve.
  • Contribute to a cause greater than yourself allowing you to become greater than you already are.
  • Tap into undiscovered resources of energy that you MUST have in order to be wealthy.

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This powerful event combines the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Wealth Dynamics to allow you to take the dominant aspects of yourself (your vision, your personality, your strengths and talents) and wrap a profitable enterprise around it.

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Why should you listen to Topher Morrison ...
Topher Morrison has won the game of money. He earns a “top bracket” income and he does it by doing things that genuinely inspire him. He can afford to be generous with his time and his wealth and he has an incredible network of people who would help him if ever times were tough.

With all of this experience, Topher can offer brilliant insights into what people must do to win the game of money for themselves and overcome and win the game of wealth. He has trained thousands of people to overcome and win the mental game of money (people who never imagined earning top incomes and building a high net wealth).

Combining NLP & Wealth Dynamics
Topher also discusses the most powerful techniques in NLP and Wealth Dynamics to achieve a complete picture of clarity when it comes to winning the game of money.

Topher is hailed as “the personal development speaker for people who are tired of personal development!” with his down-to-earth approach and refreshing style. You will not find get-rich-quick schemes, tired cliches or “Ra-Ra” motivation.

Instead, he delivers the well researched tried and true, real life techniques for tapping into greater potential, releasing unhealthy limitations, and achieving a high level of performance in the game of money.

Seating is limited
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