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There has never been a better and more exciting time to be a woman - the choices, the opportunities and the projections for personal wealth and entrepreneurship are all on our side but maybe we have too many choices?

Maybe we are a little overwhelmed by the expectations and demands on our daily lives? Maybe, just maybe, we are not altogether convinced we are capable or deserve success, true wealth, a fulfilling life?

This event is empowering and inspiring women all over the UK, to step up to their full potential.

Hosted by two sassy, positive and successful entrepreneurs Jane Kenyon and Yvonne Halling, this is an event for women, by women.

Yvonne and Jane are well on the their way to financial freedom and living in their passion and who are dedicated to inspiring women from around the world to create outstanding lives and become powerful role models.

This two hour event will connect you with stories and strategies that will have you embracing your full potential.

By the end of this event you will have a new perspective on:

  • Finding your work life balance
  • Putting yourself first and being a role model to girls
  • Wealth, money and earning what your worth
  • Tapping your potential to move your career and your life goals forward faster
  • Seating at this event is limited, be sure to book your tickets today
The Divas and the Diva workshops are exciting and inspiring. I have learned so many new things since meeting Yvonne and Jane. Just one of the many things that has changed is my belief about money. I used to think that I was rubbish with money and didn't know how to handle it. Since going on the Stepping Up and the the Money workshop this has all changed. I have paid off my overdraft and credit card (which I had for nearly 10 years), started to save, and have more money than ever before. Most of all the Divas helped me to change my attitude which is beginning to change my life.

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Who are the Well Heeled Divas?
Jane Kenyon MBA DipM MCIM NLPP
Jane, 43 is a dynamic entrepreneur involved in several businesses and working as a coach specifically with entrepreneurs and speakers. Having had a successful corporate career spent in strategic marketing and business development, she walked away from a Director level job at 29 as the glass ceiling became visible and the games became unbearable. She has not looked back.

In the past 15 years Jane has bought, created, grown and sold several businesses and is passionate about female empowerment, entrepreneurship, personal development and social contribution.

Business interests have included a lifestyle management company, a social network, management consultancy, marketing agency, corporate investigations and health and wellness business to name a few.

In 2001 Jane divested some of her business interests to become more involved in personal transformation work via coaching, speaking and writing.

She now divides her time between coaching, writing, international speaking and her role as Co-Founder of The Well Heeled Divas Ltd.

Her story is an inspiration to anyone that had a hard time at school or a troubled youth. Her determination to overcome adversity and make something of her life is real and her passion to inspire others infectious.

Yvonne Halling
After spending 15 years living and running several small businesses overseas, Yvonne returned to the UK in 2005 to set up Champagne Discovery with her husband, Jiles.

Initially, Yvonne suffered personal and financial setbacks during that time, which lead to a complete change of philosophy on work, money and lifestyle.

Drawing from her experiences, she has become a well-known coach and inspirational speaker. Yvonne believes in the power and value of self, and it is her mission to help others to realise their true potential. She lives in Alderley Edge with Jiles and their two daughters, Chloe and Lucy.

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We're looking forward to spending an amazing evening with you.
- The Well Heeled Divas

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Here's what other women say about Jane...

Jane is THE most inspiring, generous, motivating and supportive woman I have ever had the honour of meeting. She took me under her well established wings and coached me personally in my transformation from lost and unemployed to an in-demand freelance designer in just 6 months. Moreover, she has never charged me a penny, simply being rewarded by seeing me flourish and progress, and she wants with all her heart to inspire as many women as she can in the same way through the Well Heeled Divas. Because of this, I am now a dedicated Diva and cannot think of enough ways to sing her praises.
Wow, Jane was brilliant! She made my day, week, month etc etc I could have listened to her all week, she was just so inspiring. No-one has ever made me feel so good about myself in such a short space of time. The lift I felt inside after spending a couple of hours in her company was priceless!
L. Storey
Jane is such a livewire. As someone who is looking to step up to the next level she is certainly a person I want in my peer group.
L. Bennett, IT entrepreneur
Jane you are such an amazing woman. Your presentation was life-changing for me. Your warmth and generosity of spirit shone through and the whole room was spell bound by your story, words of wisdom and compassion. I cannot put a price on the treasures I took away with me. I now feel ready to grab the opportunities that come my way. I have the confidence to step out and go for it. Thank you and god bless you.

Here's what other women say about Yvonne...

Yvonne, you looked great on stage, your energy is infectious. I reckon you will help a lot of people along your journey.
S. Frend, Rightlines UK
An inspirational speaker who gave a warm, sincere and emotive presentation. It touched me so much that if I feel unresourceful, I just think of Yvonne, who has changed my thinking and my future.
J. Sutton, CEO Enabling Success Ltd
Yvonne is a dynamic and entrancing speaker she has a wonderful story to tell. Hear her, she speaks from the heart.
J. Hafren