Your Life Your Legacy with Roger Hamilton

Mon 14th - Wed 16th April
Alexandra Palace
London, N22 7AY

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Roger Hamilton on stage

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Roger & Bill Clinton
Roger Hamilton, Bill Clinton & Joan Holmes. Roger is being recognised at the Clinton Global Initiative for XL Group's US$5M commitment to The Hunger Project. Read more

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Roger has gotten closer to understanding the spirit and essence of wealth than any other thought leader of the 21st century
Adrian Gilpin - Managing Director, Institute of Human Development

Roger's passion and love for people is extraordinary, the energy he emits and gives to others is awesome
Penny Power - Founder of

There are 10 big trends that will affect your life
and your legacy ... if you can step out of the ripples
and see the waves. This event is where you will
find your flow.

Whether your dream is to get above daily grind, experience high-end world travel, earn in the top percentile, or just enjoy more lifestyle while "working" less... this event gives you the blueprint.

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Roger Hamilton introduces 'Your Life, Your Legacy'
Roger Hamilton has stunning, fresh insights into wealth that I'd just never come across before, anywhere. I got incredible value and I learned SO much. And so will you!
- Mark Victor Hansen
co-Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Your Life, Your Legacy | Should you be there?...

The experience of starting a business, running a business and growing a business can be vastly different depending on your mindset, the calibre of your network, the opportunities you create and your ability to expand your team. Why is it that even in the same industry some prosper while others simply fail?

At this step-by-step workshop you will discover:

  1. How to delegate 70% of the day-to-day tasks that bog you down.
  2. How to start a business or boost cash-flow in any economic climate.
  3. The 10 big trends that will shape the rest of your life (for better or worse depending on your strategy).
  4. How to attract the right opportunities that propel you forward rather than clog up your Inbox.
  5. How to create opportunities that others get excited by.
  6. How to outperform the market doing ONLY what you love.
  7. How to leverage the strength of the British Pound by out-sourcing overseas and become a true lifestyle entrepreneur.

Bonus material for those who have more experience:
How to create a personal brand that others see value in; how to get your ideas off the ground; who to go to when you need resources beyond your current reach; what to do when its time to build long term wealth from your business; brilliant ways to have your business on Auto-pilot.

Successful people don't show up for work... they show up for critical moments - the important times and places that matter. This event will be a critical moment.
- Roger Hamilton

The top six reasons why you should attend:

  1. You will learn how to use the "Wealth Dynamics" profiling tool to build teams that allow you to delegate 70% of the work you hate, but they love!
  2. You will gain immediate access to a global community of like-minded business owners who are open to collaborating and sharing resources that will get you out of the rut and into the race.
  3. You will gain more clarity - than ever before - on your long-term vision for both yourself and your business. This will help you to make better choices, now.
  4. You will be opened up to an international resource base of support that can assist you in your local area as well as giving you new choices for expansion when the time is right.
  5. The power that comes when you associate with other thought leaders in business. Even just one idea can make this event worth millions.
  6. Discover how to unlock the hidden value within your clients, employees, partners and networks.

Some quick facts about Roger Hamilton:

  • He has businesses in 23 countries, including two international magazines, a resort in Bali, a radio station, a real estate agency in Singapore, and an international property finance and investment house.
  • He is an international best-selling author who has spoken to over 150,000 people in the last 5 years.
  • He was recently recognised by Bill Clinton for his work with The Hunger Project in India.
  • He doesn't mess about when it comes to delivering hard hitting value at his events (and they are increasingly rare).

Wealth Dynamics helped me to find a new business partner for a new separate venture which has opened further potential income stream. We will be using it as a core tool for the business. It also makes us more aware and more understanding of the strengths and motivations of the people we work with and for. I recommend everyone interested in building wealth and contributing more while still having fun learns more about it!
- K. Lerner, Top Left Design
As a board member for major educational institutions accross India I would like to endorse that the greatest learning I have received in my whole life is from Roger Hamilton
Maya Shihani - Chairperson, The Sage Foundation

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Don't make April 14-16 just another work week that you wont even remember six months from now. Make it a profound critical moment that changes you life and your legacy.

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Wealth Dynamics:
Discover Your Path of Least Resistance
... at Your Life, Your Legacy

At Your Life, Your Legacy, Roger will use 'Wealth Dynamics' to give you a practical understanding on your team, your partners, your value and how to get paid more for doing the things you naturally excel in.

While most people chase after trends, the greatest entrepreneurs have looked inward to find their natural passions, talents and desires. These things are not found outside, they are found at your centre and the key is finding them then turning them into profitable enterprises... Wealth Dynamics gives you a revolutionary map of wealth creation that is being used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in over 20 countries around the world.

All tickets to 'Your Life, Your Legacy' include a FREE online profiling test (valued at US$100.00) which will be your first introduction to the 'new language of entrepreneurship'.

LAST CHANCE!! With less than a week until this event begins, the ultimate choice comes down to you. Will it be 'Your Meetings, Your Appointments', 'Your Busy, Your Late', 'Your Tasks, Your Schedule'... or will you participate in 'Your Life, Your Legacy'?

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Mike Southon Interviews Roger Hamilton on his life as an entrepreneur...

Video: Roger Hamilton
Roger & Bill Clinton
Roger Hamilton being recognised at the Clinton Global Initiative for XL Group's US$5M commitment to The Hunger Project. Read more
Roger & Larry Page
Roger & Larry Page
(Google co-founder)
Roger & Shakira
Roger & Shakira
Roger, Steve Chen & Chad Hurley
Roger, Steve Chen & Chad Hurley
(YouTube founders)
Hamilton walks the talk. He has created 18 companies but runs none of them
- Daily Telegraph

Roger Hamilton
This enigmatic, serial entrepreneur has taken the global stage in the last 5 years. Arriving in Singapore in 1997, Roger Hamilton set up several publishing businesses in the booming real-estate markets of Asia. He later augmented his empire with events and other media.

In 2000 he was struck with the idea to for a combined platform for small business owners to collaborate on commercial projects while participating in effective contribution. This is today the widest network of social entrepreneurs in the world, XL Results Foundation.

Today, Roger Hamilton is also a best selling author. He writes his books at his resort in Bali while gaining inspiration from the stories in his magazines (Roger is the publisher of the largest magazine dedicated to social enterprise). His is the quintessential modern entrepreneur - high flying, well read, well connected and socially aware.

In addition to ALL that, Roger Hamilton is the presenter and host of the Wealth Dynamics Weekend and the Entrepreneurs Business School events.

I developed Wealth Dynamics by looking at my mentors. I observed that they behaved opposite to each other at times and yet they were all creating huge empires. I needed to find a way to understand this.

Rogers' enquires let him to create the worlds first entrepreneurial profiling system, 'Wealth Dynamics'. Tens of thousands of people have used their profile to make better decisions as an entrepreneur.

Rogers' energy and insights make his events a truly unique experience. "I see a lot of business training" says Roger, "Business training is different to entrepreneur training - A true entrepreneur has highly trained people all around them. Entrepreneurship is at a different level and requires an experiential learning style".

Recently Roger took a group of 60 highly successful business owners on a trip through India. "We have very special skills, talents and resources as entrepreneurs, with a power to create more comes the power to contribute more" says this thought provoking entrepreneur.

His message runs a lot deeper than just business strategy, Roger addresses the big issues that are on the minds of every great thinker and doer.

Roger Hamilton was recently featured in Inc. Magazine as a leading social entrepreneur.

Read the article here

Roger is a master at creating that experience. Through games, challenges and competitions, participants never quite know what to expect next. Although when it comes to Roger Hamilton you can be sure you are about to get a big breakthrough!

Read more about Vision 2020 here...

Audio Corner

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Track 1 - Hear Roger discuss why this event is on a weekday
Track 2 - Roger Hamilton conference call (recorded April 1st - 52mins)

Roger has gotten closer to understanding the spirit and essence of wealth than any other thought leader of the 21st century
- Adrian Gilpin | Managing Director, Institute of Human Development
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

Over 2.5 days in April, 2000 business owners will join Roger Hamilton and XL Results Foundation at the Alexandra Palace for a World Stage event designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

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